CZ 75 B Omega 9mm Luger Semi-Auto Pistol


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CZ 75 B Omega 9mm Luger Semi-Auto Pistol Overview

CZ 75 B Omega 9mm Luger Semi-Auto Pistol features a simpler, more robust version of the 75’s trigger system.

Discontinued 2015, replaced with 75 B Ω Convertible.

The interlocking design of the trigger mechanism’s parts allows for easy disassembly as well as reassembly without the need for tools,

so taking the pistol down beyond a basic field strip is much easier than on a standard 75.

Not only does this simplify maintenance, the trigger parts themselves are made of different materials,

enhancing durability as well as operation life and reliability.

All-steel construction | 10 Round capacity double-column magazine | Hammer forged barrels

Ergonomic shape of grip and controls | Unparalleled accuracy

3 dot sighting system (Tritium sights available)

Easy operation of controls | Extended service life due to advanced design and superior materials

High safety standard resulting from intrinsic safety features:



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