CZ 75 Shadow Line 9mm Semi-Auto Pistol


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CZ 75 Shadow Line 9mm Semi-Auto Pistol Overview

From the Aluminium checkered grips to the advanced ergonomics, the CZ 75 Shadow Line 9mm Semi-Auto Pistol

has absolutely no firing pin block.

Sporting SP-01 Shadow sights as well as outstanding modern hammer shape, it is truly beautiful.
Ambidextrous thin shape safety as well as a steel recoil spring guide rod, ergonomically sound.
While the smooth nickel-plated trigger blade travel provides high accuracy, service life and reliability.

This is a contemporary design of traditional handguns exploiting properties of the world-renowned CZ 75 SP-01 shadow pistol.



Aluminium checkered grips | Advanced ergonomics | No firing pin blocks
SP-01 Shadow sights | Modern hammer shape | Ambidextrous thin shape safety
Steel recoil spring guide rod | Smooth nickel-plated trigger blade travel
High accuracy, service life and reliability  | Higher capacity nickel-plated magazine 10 rounds – 2 pcs.
CZ new design pistol case


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