CZ P-09 Duty 9mm Semi-Automatic Pistol Overview

The ground-breaking service model CZ P-09 Duty 9mm Semi-Automatic Pistol was created on a basis of the long-lasting cooperation

with many operatives from armed forces the worldwide.

It was stressed that the maximum reliability and accuracy is of paramount importance,

while a special attention was paid to the shooter’s comfort as well as ergonomics of the firearm.

At the end of its development, the CZ P-09 successfully passed many extremely demanding tests in harshest environments,

furthermore, these tests far surpassing the common military and service standards.

A modern, mechanically as well as thermally extremely stable glass fibre-reinforced polymer,

has been chosen for the frame of the CZ P-09.

The new surface finish of the slide, barrel and other minor parts markedly increases the firearm’s resistance to any mechanical damage as well as to corrosion.

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