Eley Match Pistol 22 LR 40gr 01190

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Box Of 50

Eley Match Pistol 22 LR 40gr 01190 introduces shooters to the world of ELEY’s consistency in addition to accuracy.

Manufactured to ELEY’s strict internal specification,

Eley Match Pistol 22 LR 40gr 01190

benefits from its electronic visual inspection as well as rigorous test proofing.

Small lot quantities and statistical process control techniques, as a result, deliver reliability and performance in every round.


ELEY match pistol is produced using analytical processes,

in addition to computer-controlled visual inspection and finely calibrated measuring equipment.

Detailed testing and measuring processes are undertaken by our highly-skilled

engineers ensures minimum variance within each production lot.

ELEY match pistol is manufactured specifically to deliver competition performance and meet the ISSF rapid fire pistol velocity requirements.

ELEY match pistol has a round-nosed profile to cycle in semi-automatic actions which also assists feeding and extraction.

Key Features

Used to win numerous Olympic and ISSF world cup medals

Round nose bullet profile

Consistent feel and recoil

Designed For

Professional and also elite shooters

Used For

25m Rapid Fire Pistol as well as 25m Pistol; Women

Lightweight Sport Rifle (LSR)


Rapid Fire Pistol

Match Pistol

Lightweight Sport Rifle

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