Hornady .270 Cal .277″ 150 gr InterBond 27409

Box Of 100 Projectiles


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Manufacturer: Hornady
Calibre: .270
Bullet Type: Interbond
Product Code/SKU: 27409
Diameter: .277″
Bullet Weight: 150 gr
Description: The Hornady® InterBond® bullet uses a proprietary bonding process that holds the core and jacket together. Unlike partitioned or dual-core bullets, where the front core can separate from the bullet mass, the InterBond® bullet holds together in a single destructive mass that delivers a deep, wide wound channel without over-penetrating.The bonding process, along with a thicker, stiffer jacket, allows InterBond® bullets to retain more than 90% of their mass, even through tough hide and bones. Plus, they immediately expand to more than twice their diameter for maximum energy transfer.

For further information please visit: https://www.hornady.com/bullets/rifle/270-cal-277-150-gr-interbond#!/


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