Hornady 30 Carbine 110 GR FTX 8103

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The patented Flex Tip®technology used in Hornady 30 Carbine 110 GR FTX 8103 ammunition eliminates

the clogging and inconsistency that often plagues hollow point bullets.

Since their inception, conventional hollow point pistol bullets have performed well, but have never delivered 100% reliability.

Hornady® achieved this by using the same tip material used in LEVERevolution® ammunition.

Hornady 30 Carbine 110 GR FTX 8103

US Patent: 8,161,885 | 8,413,587 | 7,380,502

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Product Features


The patented FTX® bullet expands reliably and resists clogging when fired through heavy clothing.


Critical Defense® ammunition was developed to provide the best performance for any short barreled style firearm.

Bright nickel-plated cartridge cases simplify chamber checks in reduced light, and low-flash propellants help preserve night vision.


Details such as nickel-plated cases that resist corrosion and optimized propellants that burn quickly to reduce recoil and limit muzzle flash,

help ensure that Critical Defense® ammo is dependable in every situation.