Hornady 416 Rigby 400 gr DGX 82663

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 Hornady® manufactures Hornady 416 Rigby 400 gr DGX 82663 (Dangerous Game™ Series) ammunition with only the finest components,

under strict quality control measures. Our classic bullet designs are tailored to meet the needs of the serious safari hunter.

We use techniques and processes that rival hand loads, with the ultimate goal of making every cartridge accurate, deadly and dependable!

Hornady 416 Rigby 400 gr DGX 82663

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Product Features

From the InterLock® SP-RP bullets to the heavy-hitting DGS® and DGX®bullets,

each Dangerous Game™ Series load is topped with a deadly projectile.

InterLock® SP-RP Bullets

SP-RP stands for “spire point – recoil proof,” and the design of this bullet eliminates the problem of tip deformation during recoil.

These heavy-duty InterLock® bullets combine rugged design with improved trajectory in dangerous game rifles.

DGS® Bullets

The DGS® non-expanding bullet is recommended for the thick-skinned game such as elephant, rhino, and hippo.

Its tough copper clad steel jacket is designed to provide

maximum penetration from all angles on thick-skinned and heavy boned dangerous game animals.

DGX® Bullets

The DGX® is an expanding bullet that incorporates all the features of the DGS®

bullet along with a redesigned flat meplat for straight penetration,

maximum energy transfer, and devastating results.


Powders are carefully matched to each load to ensure optimum

pressure and velocity, and to regulate in double rifles.

Some of our Dangerous Game™ Series loads feature Superformance® propellant technology.


Like all Hornady® ammunition, our Dangerous Game™ ammunition uses the highest quality cases and primers available.

Consistent components translate to consistent shooting in the field.