Lightfield 20 Gauge 3″ 385gr Hybred Mag-20 Saboted Slug 1700FPS

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Manufacturer: Lightfield
Calibre: 20 Gauge
Product Code/SKU:
Velocity: 1700 FPS
Bullet Weight: 385 gr
Description: When using a 20 gauge firearm and maximum power is desired the 20 gauge 3? Hybred Mag-20 has the same great quality as our original Hybred Series with a larger punch! The Hybred MAG-20 incorporates a post wad acting as a stabilizer and the sabot is “keyed” to the slug which assures maximum torque, rotation, and velocity translating into better down range trajectory and exceptional accuracy. The Mag 20 uses a 7/8 oz (385 grain) 54 caliber slug (not a pistol round) which provides 2470 ft/lbs at the muzzle and an impressive 987 @ 150 yards. TKO= 57 for maximum knock down power. The Hybred MAG-20 is the newest member of the SameSite Family.

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