Sig Sauer P226 Air Pistol Black C02 BB-Gun


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Sig Sauer P226 Air Pistol Black C02 BB-Gun Overview

Chambered in .177 pellet or steel BB, this Sig Sauer P226 Air Pistol Black C02 BB-Gun,

next-generation air pistol has been engineered specifically to closely measure up

to the most popular SIG original model platforms in weight and handling as well as standards of performance.

Features include 16-round 8×2 rotary magazine, built-in Picatinny rail mount,

rifled steel barrel as well as white dot sights. Perfected for practice with every advantage built in,

these airguns are the economic, authentic answer to training more often, more effectively.

The P226 Air Pistol puts seriously comparable handling within reach for more frequent inexpensive training, indoors or out.

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