No appointment needed, drop off during business hours. If the service you require is not listed below, please contact us prior to coming. If restricted firearm needs service, please only bring in non serialized part if possible or acquire a valid ATT and bring it along with the firearm’s registration papers.

Clean and Test Function

Handgun starting at $80

Rifle starting at $90

Shotgun starting at $120


Handgun, Rifle & Shotgun starting at $200

Machine Gun & Complex Firearms starting at $250

Optics & Sights

Scope Mounting $60 (Complimentary with optic or firearm purchase)

Bore Sighting $25

Fiber Optic Sight Installation $25

Drilling and Tapping $25 (Per Hole)

Drilling and Tapping Hardened Receivers $30 (Per Hole)

Handgun Sight Adjustment starting at $25

Handgun Sight Install starting at $25


Handgun Parts and Trigger Kits Install starting at $80

Trigger Work $80+

Sling Swivel Install $50

Troubleshooting $50+

Stuck Fastener Removal starting at $80