Welcome to the Simmon’s Sweet Steaks

We know the only thing better than buying a new firearm is winning one. Keep up to date on the current seasons and prizes here.

Season 46: ‘Stand Strong

Now Open


Number of Entries: 112 | Cost Per Entry: $25 | MSRP / Value: $2,800.00

Description: Season 46, ‘Stand Strong’, boasts a prize that has been hotly requested by many on our social media platforms and in-store. The Benelli M4 is a legendary semi-automatic shotgun in every way. It has a successful record as a service firearm and is beloved for its bullet-proof reliability by the U.S. Marine Corps, sports shooters, and hunters alike. Now you can win one! You also win 75 low-recoil slugs and 75 magnum buckshot shells with a hard case for transportation and storage.

Disclosure: This is a used firearm. It was purchased from a collector and was never fired. It is in ‘like new‘ condition.

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How To Enter: To enter the Simmon’s Sweet Steaks, you can enter in-store or through EMT. EMTs are to be sent to ” topgun@alsimmonsgunshop.on.ca ” with the following information listed below. If you would like your leather keyring shipped to your address, please add $5 to your order and indicate you wish your keyrings to be shipped. Keyrings are not shipped by default.

Please include the following in your EMT:

  1. First and Last Name
  2. Number of Entries
  3. Phone Number and Email (to confirm entries & ticket numbers as well as to call if you are the winner)
  4. Mailing Address

Terms & Conditions of the Simmon’s Sweet Steaks

  1. This series of draws are in no way associated with Facebook or any other division/company/corporation/entity. It is solely associated with Al Simmon’s Gun Shop.
  2. MSRP for winnable package: [Season 46] $2,800.00
  3. The end date of the current draw is: A) 6 months from the first date of release [Season 46: May 26, 2023] B) If all available keyrings have been sold (the total number of available keyrings are made public at the initial announcement of the draw)
  4. Purchase is not necessary to enter this draw. An alternative method of entry is to provide a 5,000-word essay on the importance of community within the Canadian Firearms Community & its benefits. This MUST be original work & must be a complete, legible essay. All essays under 5,000 words or which do not fit the above criteria will be rejected.
  5. The province of Quebec is NOT included in the ‘Simmon’s Sweet Steaks’ Keyring draws. We apologize for the inconvenience. If you would like to find a draw in which the province of Quebec is included, please visit this great resource: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2616449958576599/about
  6. If an EMT is sent after the time a draw has been updated and/or announced as closed or sold out, then a refund will be penalized $1.50 as a refund fee as this is what we are charged to complete the refund.