CZ 457 MTR .22 LR 20″ 5084-8591-VKAMEAX


Calibre: .22 LR, Barrel length: 20″

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Manufacturer: CZ
Model: 457 MTR
SKU: 5084-8591-VKAMEAX
Action Type: Bolt
Calibre: .22 LR
Barrel length: 20″
Choke: 1/2×20 Threaded
Description: The new CZ 457 series is characterized by a sophisticated modular design that offers a significant improvement in all key parameters in terms of user safety, accuracy and durability compared to previous models and competitors.

A large part of the new CZ rimfire rifles, to a greater or lesser extent, return to why this category of weapons was once created – and why it still enjoys such popularity. Small-bore rifles are often used by hunting rifles, especially if they want to train, have fun or dedicate themselves to the young generation of shooting and hunting skills. The design of the new CZ 457 family is very successful in this respect. Partial design and component alignment with the successful CZ 557 series of rifles is also the right pull, especially with regard to the fully adjustable trigger mechanism with excellent properties.