CZ 457 Varmint LH 22LR (12215N)


Calibre: 22LR

Barrel Length: 20.5″


Manufacturer: CZ

Model: 457 Varmint LH 

Action: Bolt 

Calibre: 22LR

Barrel Length: 20.5″

Choke: N/A

Features: The standard heavy-barreled version of the 457, the Varmint has a .866” cylindrical barrel. Not only does the heavy barrel make for good harmonics, it also allows the Varmint to perform well with a wide variety of rimfire loads, translating into an accurate platform for shooting targets or getting game. The Turkish walnut stock has an American-style comb for use with a scope and a wide, flat forend that rides a sandbag well. Laser-cut stippling gives grip fore and aft.

Includes: Box, Manual, 1 Magazine

Date Posted: Jun 13, 2023


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