Simmons Sweet Steaks

Season 87 Tikka Tac A1

Bushnell Forge 3-18x50mm

Hornady MATCH 308Win

Open Now

Number of Entries: 200

Cost Per Entry: $25 (Tax Incl)

Total Value: ~$4994.43 (Tax Incl)

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How To Enter: To enter the Simmon’s Sweet Steaks, you can enter in-store or through EMT. EMTs are to be sent to [[email protected]] with the following information listed below. If you would like your leather keyring shipped to your address, please add $5 to your order and indicate you wish your keyrings to be shipped and provide your shipping address. Keyrings are not shipped by default.

Please include the following in your EMT comments/notes:

  • First and Last Name
  • The season number you wish to participate in.
  • Number of Entries
  • Preferred numbers (optional)
  • Phone Number and Email (to confirm entries & ticket numbers as well as to call if you are the winner).
  • Shipping address if keyring needs to be shipped.

We wish you the best of luck!

Terms & Conditions

  1. All prices includes tax.
  2. All taxes will be calculated based on Ontario rates, regardless where the prize is being shipped.
  3. This draw is solely associated with Al Simmon’s Gun Shop.
  4. If you did not specify your preferred numbers, it will be randomly assigned.
  5. If your preferred number is taken, it will be randomly assigned.
  6. You are NOT guaranteed to receive the preferred number that you have chosen.
  7. The draw will end when one of the conditions below have been met
    • all available tickets have been sold
    • 6 months from the first date of release
  8. If you choose to ship the prize, shipping and handling fees will apply.
  9. If an EMT is sent after the draw has been closed or sold out, you can choose to
    • Transfer the credits to our next draw
    • Transfer the credits to store gift card
    • Receive a refund with $1.50 banking fee deducted