CZ 455 Stainless Steel .22LR (8614NC)

Calibre: .22 LR, Barrel length: 20″


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Manufacturer: CZ
Model: 455 S/S
Action Type: Bolt-Action
Calibre: .22 LR
Barrel length: 20″
Choke: N/A
Description: The stainless steel version CZ 455 stainless has all the main parts made of stainless steel and the finish and small parts are treated with the stainless steel ARCOR finish.

In this variant of the successful CZ 455 rimfire rifle, the weather resistance, especially humidity, was increased in all respects. This has been achieved through the extensive use of stainless steel in combination with the highly durable and abrasion-resistant ARCOR salt-bath carbonitriding coating. The result is an attractive-looking weapon that can cope with any bad weather.

Date Posted: August 6th, 2019


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